We aim to undertake most shotgun and rifle repairs on-site, with work being carried out by our resident Gunsmith, who with over 30 years of experience has a wealth of gunsmithing knowledge. Most repairs can be carried out on-site within a sensible time frame to ensure that you are not without however, in the event of a repair having to be sent back to the manufacturer, then a loan or alternative options can be discussed. Costings and timescale are given at point of contact, or in the case of a return, then costings, following investigation, are communicated before any works are carried out. We also offer a tailoring service whereby stocks can be measured to ensure a correct fit for the user. Decommissioning of a weapon that is no longer fit for purpose can also be arranged. Similar to a motor vehicle, shotguns and rifles require routine maintenance to avoid breakages, excess wear and potential misfire - so booking an appointment to ensure that everything is in order is advisable. Regular servicing will also help avoid unwanted and costly repairs. Shotguns and rifles are not only used for recreational purposes but also as a tool of the trade and as such, most likely to be used in wet conditions. With many moving metal components, which are also often under stress, rust and deterioration is inevitable. Whilst cleaning and lubrication at home is routine, a thorough check-up with our Gunsmith will help flag up and identify any worn or loose parts likely to fail thereby helping to avoid unnecessary damage and help to preserve and protect. For costings of any of your Gunsmithing needs, then please do not hesitate to contact the shop on; 01835 822844.